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I just came… thinking about that scene. But I’m not just sat on the chair, I’m sat on his cock, on his lap while on the chair. And you’re so close not only to my pussy but to where his fat juicy cock is buried inside me. And your arse is getting pounded by the team. And you still can’t edge forwards away from them or closer to me without pain.

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You think that’s submission you’re offering?

It’s only when I push my saturated fingers into your mouth afterwards that you realise I’d worn latex gloves the whole time… so you don’t even get that measure of flesh contact. Just lick my cum juices from the skin tight latex.

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Free sexy FemDom story: Tears for Cara

Another story by My slave denied… – Mistress Cara Sutra Tears for Cara “Do you remember, in the early days, when you used to run and hide from Me? Sometimes you’d disappear for a couple of weeks. At first I thought you’d never come back. But you always did. You can never leave Me, can you puppy?” His ankles had […]

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The Marathon – Free FemDom erotica

Published with permission of the writer, one of My slaves… The Marathon A Fantasy about women using a man. Initially by neverman. Part One It was late in the party and Bob a nineteen-year-old student at the college was drunk and staggering around. He left the main room and wandered outside. As he walked around he noticed a tall blonde […]

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