The Most Beautiful Nightmare You'll Never Have…
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Writings from Mistress Cara Sutra

You think that’s submission you’re offering?

It’s only when I push my saturated fingers into your mouth afterwards that you realise I’d worn latex gloves the whole time… so you don’t even get that measure of flesh contact. Just lick my cum juices from the skin tight latex.

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Another year, another orgasm

For four years now I have only been allowed one ruined orgasm each year, with instructions that it be as unpleasant and unenjoyable as possible.

This year was to be no exception.

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A chaste sensation

This must be safe, and for the first time I would like the cum to end up on my face and in my throat just to please her. Once she, and you, have the evidence of my submission then who knows…maybe I could service more than one cock at a time in future meetings.

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New year, new home, new submissives to tease & torment

…received a cute skulls corset from rubber gimp slave who I have been speaking to for over a year now, maybe we will meet up sometime in the near future and I will let him buy me a coffee. He was meant to meet me at the ETO Show last June but he fucked up and it took him begging for months for me to even speak to him again. I also received some uber shiny heels with spiky ankle cuffs from a sub

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