The Most Beautiful Nightmare You'll Never Have…
Lifestyle Domme & Mistress


Writings from Mistress Cara Sutra

There are those who call themselves Lifestyle Mistresses

Her stunning beauty and her hypnotic voice would, and do, arouse me sexually but, alone, would not have the ability to affect me as she does.

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A day in domestic slavery

I was to clean an oven and a microwave. These are tasks I have performed many times before in a vanilla role. Cleaning an oven is a particularly dirty and to some extend hazardous job. The cleanser has to be quite powerful, acidic with quite strong fumes. Her wisdom shone through yet again. This was a hard, messy, time consuming job befitting a slave.

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Topping from the bottom

I never knowingly “top from the bottom”. That does not mean to say I will not do it unintentionally. Intent or not, it is still wrong and inappropriate.

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She relishes my hurt

The destruction of pride, vanity, ego and dignity involves education as well as intent. Initially there was resistance to this process. I am certain my humility is a long way from her requirements and there is still a long way to go. Despite my willingness to embrace this desire of my Goddess, it is difficult.

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