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The house invasion and the mind fuck


She would mind fuck him. An insult, a humiliation, another piece of his resistance and shell torn away. He would hate her and, in so doing, he would think disrespectful thoughts about her. He would sulk and choose to walk away. He couldn’t escape however. It should have been so easy for him to just close the book at those times and get on with the life in which sanity was far more certain.

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The familiar mind fuck


Her latest conquest was to invade his home and, in his mind, effectively his family. His last refuge violated by her. How dare she? What right did she have to do that? Who does she think she is? His hatred went through the sleepless night. The following morning he would email and tell her she’d overstepped the mark. He was no longer her slave and she was to blame.

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Imprisoned in freedom


Today marks 7 days, a full week, since you last returned the keys to me. It is my 7th day of freedom. Well we might refer to it as freedom but that merely describes the fact that my cock is not locked in its plastic cage.

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Cuckolding our chaste slaves with lesbian sex


We lay together, tangled legs on the bed and explored each other’s mouths fully. Tongues dancing and the occasional teasing nip of her lip with my teeth. Occasionally I’d glance over and see the slave boys very deliberately not looking. It really turned me on to imagine how hard they must be in their locked chastity devices, how much suffering they were going through. The torment of knowing that their two hot Mistresses were just beginning a long night of sex and carnal enjoyment in one another. Without them being required. For them to be rejected and for us to find sexual satisfaction in each other while they could only imagine and languish in pain.

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