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High Heels – Fashion or Fetish?

High Heels

It seems that an extraordinary amount of people, myself included, have a fascination or near obsession with shoes – sexy, alluring, high heeled shoes in particular. What is it about these simple pieces of footwear that tug at our heart strings (or clit nerve endings) so much?

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Delving once more into Femdom kink

A snippet of an email I have sent to My long distance submissive today. We have been in contact now for many years. Recently reconnected, as we always do. There is something magical there. It works perfectly. Not as the relationships you may know and understand, but something else. Total power exchange (TPE) indeed. Whatever happens, whatever is said, however long […]

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How not to approach a Mistress or Domme…

Just received this application through my contact form. Most of the applications to be one of my submissives/slaves are the general twaddle and boring; this one just made me laugh incredulously. Like, seriously? ‘Hi there ! I am a newcomer to S and M and as such i have looked at others sites for mistresses near to where i live, however you […]

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