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Whipping three beautiful girls in an English dungeon

I donned the shinies and spiky heels and was the hostess of the day. I sat on the Queen’s throne and was shown around every part of the new play space and kinky shop. It was great fun. I also enjoyed catching up with Dom Strap On and her crew. Then came my moment in the spotlight – the photo shoot and whipping session.

There were three girls dolled up and ready to submit to whatever punishment I saw fit to bestow. I chose a heavy weight flogger, beautifully balanced and versatile for light teasing strokes up to a really vicious sting. Tracy took the pain best – it’s like she had some prior experience as a sub ;)

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You think a Mistress can’t enjoy bondage & a wild sex life? Think again

Seems to me like there are many ready to cast judgment on others, sadly even so-called ‘sister’ Dommes and Mistresses in the UK and from all over the world. The most recent of which is a comment on a product shoot photograph where I am wearing cuffs and a collar. Does wearing certain attire change your orientation? If I wear a t-shirt with “I’m a gay man” written on it, does that transform me instantly into a gay man?

As well as wearing the bondage accessories for a photo shoot, I do actually enjoy bondage – as part of a wild and varied sex life. I don’t see this as submission – in fact I’m getting what I want, when I want, however I damn well want it, thank you very much.
If you want to find out more – you can read my latest blog post over on my sex blog website here.

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You think that’s submission you’re offering?

It’s only when I push my saturated fingers into your mouth afterwards that you realise I’d worn latex gloves the whole time… so you don’t even get that measure of flesh contact. Just lick my cum juices from the skin tight latex.

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Another year, another orgasm

For four years now I have only been allowed one ruined orgasm each year, with instructions that it be as unpleasant and unenjoyable as possible.

This year was to be no exception.

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