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Happy New Year, Bitches and slaves


Been a while since I wrote anything here, as I have a fuck-ton of other online spaces and a fuck-ton of real life duties to attend to. However I am happy to report that Christmas 2015 was fantastic – and a very Happy New Year was welcomed in.

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Cuckolding our chaste slaves with lesbian sex


We lay together, tangled legs on the bed and explored each other’s mouths fully. Tongues dancing and the occasional teasing nip of her lip with my teeth. Occasionally I’d glance over and see the slave boys very deliberately not looking. It really turned me on to imagine how hard they must be in their locked chastity devices, how much suffering they were going through. The torment of knowing that their two hot Mistresses were just beginning a long night of sex and carnal enjoyment in one another. Without them being required. For them to be rejected and for us to find sexual satisfaction in each other while they could only imagine and languish in pain.

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A sumptuous session in London with slave penny

London Trip April 15 - fetish mistress-51

A refreshing mojito in the bar, along with a shared surf and turf platter (by shared, I mean I let slave eat the messy chicken wings I didn’t want) and I was ready to go back to the room for some fun before it was time for dinner. A pre-session warm-up, if you will.

Instructing him to strip down to thong and chastity device beneath, I got my weapons of choice ready. I’d brought plenty of equipment and particularly looked forward to using the sensory deprivation hood (albeit without phallus gag which a friend accidentally kept after borrowing the piece) as well as my long flogger and a strait jacket.

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Letters from Mistress: Fantasies, limits, sadism & smoke

letters from mistress cara sutra

I don’t believe that BDSM ‘sadists’ are sadists in the vanilla sense of the word – or at least they shouldn’t be. If you want to inflict pain or harm on others with or without consent you shouldn’t be in the scene. If someone doesn’t get some kind of fulfilment out of the pain then why would they consent? They are always linked. What you get might not be strictly pleasure, it may not always be enjoyment – but it is always fulfilment. When I push your limits, when I verbally humiliate you, when I bully you, when I make you feel miniscule, when I frighten you, when I exhilarate you simply with my Dominant presence, I am fulfilling what you need. It’s actually a very kind thing. Even when you’re crying and feeling broken and hating me and wondering why the fuck you think you’re submissive and a slave and how you’re allowing someone half your age to treat you like this and how I can make you feel like this when no one else can or has ever been able to.

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