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The Blue Balls of Chastity

Blue Balls of Chastity

 If you amuse and please Me, I like having you suffer for Me. To keep you in horrendous torment. It’s My way of showing affection. I’m giving you attention, letting you know I even remember you exist. Such a compliment. Those blue balls of yours are a testament to the fact you won’t soon be forgetting Me either – all […]

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No negotiation

Because Mistress is always right

Because Mistress is always right and don’t you forget it.

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Doormat Required

Barefoot or heels?

It could be you. I wonder what would be going through your mind as you lay there, centre of the floor, ready for other Mistresses and I to wipe either our shoes or bare feet and toes all over you. Tease that caged cock and those tight, full balls. Laugh at your humiliation. Pull on the gloves with My girlfriends […]

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Fetish Friday: The Inspection

Fetish Friday

I summon you to stand in front of Me for your monthly up close and uncomfortable inspection. I make you remove the torture device I have you wear, though you take it off with ease now. After all you have to remove it twice daily for those mandatory morning and before bed wanks… not to satisfaction of course but just […]

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