The Most Beautiful Nightmare You'll Never Have…
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The Blue Balls of Chastity

 If you amuse and please Me, I like having you suffer for Me. To keep you in horrendous torment. It’s My way of showing affection. I’m giving you attention, letting you know I even remember you exist. Such a compliment. Those blue balls of yours are a testament to the fact you won’t soon be forgetting Me either – all […]

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Appreciation of the male submissive

you turn Me on so much that I want to fuck SO hard… have my aching, dripping pussy filled… with him, whilst you tingle and leak in frustration… For you to be blindfolded with my stockings. Gagged with my sodden knickers. analyst Duct tape over them keeping them and My scent in your mouth and permeating your brain, as do […]

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