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My name is Mistress Cara Sutra. I will be addressed as Mistress, or Mistress Cara.

My submissives/slaves must be over the age of 30


My personal fetishes are many and varied. Within the realm of FemDom I enjoy male chastity, the more long term the better. Metal male chastity devices such as the Houdini are amongst the top favoured due to the teasing design of the cage, however the CB-6000 and similar work just as well and can be worn with plastic tags for all you padlock pussies out there.

My favourite form of worship is foot, shoe and boot worship, as well as domestic chores and slave duties. If a submissive or slave fulfils these duties well, then many more will be added in time as I come to believe in your abilities and sincerity more.

This can be expanded to humiliation, forced feminisation, spanking, whipping and other forms of corporal punishment. Possibly cuckoldry if you’re very good.

I have many personal fetishes both within the sphere of Female Domination and outside. One day if you are lucky I may tell you more about them.

Sending gifts

You can find My Amazon wishlist here.

Gifts are gifts, not expectation of fantasy fulfilment or anything else.

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You can also find Me on Twitter, Facebook, Fetlife and probably many others.

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I have a select choice from My vast library of photography shoots, you can see a taster on My Photos page, divided into three categories, Mistress Cara Sutra, Shoes and Session Pics.


I have a few free short video clips which are general chat about the BDSM scene and similar. Find My Free Videos Here.

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