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Cuckolding our chaste slaves with lesbian sex

Mistress-C-and-Mistress-L-3They knew what was coming, and it wouldn’t be them.

Mistress L and I had been talking for some time about the arrangements for the weekend, which included a hot girl-date and an even hotter night of girl-sex. She’s in a relationship with her slave, which I don’t quite understand, but YKINMK and it works for them. I’d be bringing slave penny, or rather he’d be chauffeuring me and being useful throughout the entire day and night.

We set off at lunchtime and I instructed penny to stop at a large shop where I could pick up supplies. He commented that the amount I’d thrown in the basket looked like I was ready for a party, and I replied that I was. Later he also frequently commented on how many men’s heads turned my way in the shop, but I must admit I didn’t notice. I was far too busy anticipating the girly fun of the night ahead.

Mistress-C-and-Mistress-L-5We arrived in good time and penny even managed to find the right house, which is more than minnie did when he brought me on a previous occasion. Mistress L was getting ready for our date that evening but she looked fucking hot already. Long dark hair, big dark eyes, full red lips, petite stature, round gropable arse, insanely pouncable tits. Jealous yet? Damn right you are.

Her slave was finishing off his bath and penny got to work pouring us drinks and setting out the buffet food I’d brought. A side full of champagne, strawberry Pimms, sushi, olives and platters of cold meats were arranged for us to dine upon as we talked. When Mistresses get together we like a good rant and we definitely didn’t hold back.

Once we’d got the latest rants out of our systems she led me into her lounge/bedroom which was also on the ground floor. We spent some time trying on various outfits and didn’t even close the adjoining door – or curtains to the street outside – so I’m sure slave penny didn’t quite know where to put himself or look. I didn’t care – why should I? I have a beautiful body and I know he has the utmost respect for me. He wouldn’t dare gawp at me changing without permission. I knew he’d be hanging around in the kitchen, knowing what we were doing, that there were two half naked Mistresses trying on different clothes, laughing in lingerie, while he could only listen and suffered silently, locked in his chastity device.

Mistress L’s slave arrived downstairs and was able to help serving drinks and attending to our needs the entire time. He’s a very quiet boy, almost apologetic for his presence. I approved. Her slave is also locked in a chastity device. She and I had their chastity device keys around our neck the whole day and night. They serve as such a stark reminder to the slaves who owns them, who is in charge and who holds all the power.


demonia muerto boots review Cara Sutra 800-29Date night time rolled around very quickly and our outfits were finalised. Mistress L looked even more sensational in a strappy black dress and red and black boots, while I wore a tight fitting shirt, black mini skirt, patterned stockings and new metal stiletto heel goth boots. It was time to give the slaves instructions. Mistress L decided her slave would come with us (she wanted to keep an eye on him, I’m sure) and I decided that slave penny would stay at her house in order to clean it and do other chores while I was out enjoying my girl-date. While his Mistress and another Mistress enjoyed each other’s company on a romantic night out together, knowing our plans for later, while he suffered and worked in her house, alone.

A list of tasks was given to him, as they were when he fulfilled housekeeping duties at my house a couple of weeks before. The counter top of food and drink was cleared away and in their place was a pile of housework accessories – rubber gloves, cleaning liquids, scourers and clothes, and mop and bucket on the floor. Rather evilly there was also a huge pile of ironing to be done. As slave penny hadn’t done any ironing for about 40 years (seriously) it was time he had plenty of practice.

It was interesting seeing the fear in Mistress L’s slave’s eyes as well. Slave G, I’ll call him. He watched warily and with increasing anxiety as I set out the instructions to penny. He knew that this could very easily be him – and it certainly didn’t help ease any worries he had about the night ahead. It would be his first cuckold experience too.

Mistress-C-and-Mistress-LLeaving slave penny to work hard and without the enjoyment of any food (I had offered him food on a few occasions through the day but he declined, rather stupidly as it turned out), we made our way to the nearby New York style diner where Mistress L had booked our table. The meal passed quickly in a haze of fun and very naughty chatter, much to the obvious disapproval of some other diners and the amusement of the waiting staff. We took photographs – some more naughty than others – and enjoyed a choreographed singing and dancing performance by the staff as we tucked into our huge steak dinners.


A tussle at the till as Mistress L insisted on paying for me (I like a woman in charge of the house purse strings) and then back to her house we went. Time to get sexy. Well, sexier.

When we arrived, slave penny was still ironing, as I’d predicted on the way home. However, the rest of her pad was clean and tidy and the kitchen floor freshly mopped. He looked tired, and like his thoughts had been making him suffer, which of course turned me on immensely. I hadn’t even properly started yet.

Mistress L allowed slave G to sit with us in her lounge/bedroom as we found something suitable for the background on TV as we relaxed and chatted. We both slipped into something more comfortable – no, not each other, yet – and pretty soon I was moving from the armchair to her bed next to her. In time slave penny finally finished the pile of ironing and I allowed him to sit in with us. As the slave boys sat in the room, Mistress L and I turned our attentions to each other.


One thing led to another and she was kissing me with those delicious lips. We lay together, tangled legs on the bed and explored each other’s mouths fully. Tongues dancing and the occasional teasing nip of her lip with my teeth. Occasionally I’d glance over and see the slave boys very deliberately not looking. It really turned me on to imagine how hard they must be in their locked chastity devices, how much suffering they were going through. The torment of knowing that their two hot Mistresses were just beginning a long night of sex and carnal enjoyment in one another. Without them being required. For them to be rejected and for us to find sexual satisfaction in each other while they could only imagine and languish in pain.

They weren’t allowed to be present for much longer. It was time to send the slave boys upstairs to bed – yes, they at least had the luxury of a bed each. Separate rooms of course; no distracting each other with company and chat to take their minds off what was happening downstairs or to drown out any cuckolding noises.

Once they were upstairs, mournful pleading eyes aside and their straining bulges repressed by the cruelly locked chastity cages, Mistress L and I enjoyed a full night of rampant lesbian sex. It was fucking hot. It was fucking amazing.

To be completely honest I forgot about the slave boys listening from upstairs at times, I was so engrossed in giving and receiving erotic pleasure with this beautiful female creature, Mistress L. You can hardly blame me really. Of course it did cross both our minds at other times that slave penny and slave G were listening upstairs – and since our night together it’s been clear that neither got much sleep that night. Mistress L was rather loud while I was fucking her hard. I’m sure I fucked her harder and better than he ever does. He knows it too and heard her squeals and screams of pleasure while he suffered in agony listening in the lonely darkness upstairs, directly above where I was fucking his Mistress.

Yes, they’re both very lucky slave boys. Especially as their two Mistresses eventually lay tangled together in a post-sex puddle but with their chastity keys still around our necks. Can you imagine? Two slave boys suffering upstairs, separately, locked in chastity devices, while their Mistresses downstairs fucked each other for hours and hours, until the sun rose, while we both wore their keys around our necks. Perfect.

If you’d like to know exactly how we fucked each other, you can read the full lesbian sex encounter from inside the room on my sex blog.


– Mistress Cara Sutra

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