The Most Beautiful Nightmare You'll Never Have…
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There are those who call themselves Lifestyle Mistresses


20 April 2015


Her stunning beauty and her hypnotic voice would, and do, arouse me sexually but, alone, would not have the ability to affect me as she does.

The cosy chats, the recollection of unhappy times, the justified verbal assassination of those who have caused pain, humorous anecdotes on sub applicants, the reminiscence of slaves now gone, joyful talk of her close family, these are all part of the whole.

The remarkable inner beauty of this extraordinary human being matches her ravishing physical beauty.

Physical desire is thereby matched by extraordinary respect. Cutting words from a woman possessing physical beauty alone could be discarded and ignored. The feelings I have for her however, means she has the ability to cut and shatter me with snubs and insults. Her humiliations of me are painfully absorbed. They cut me to my core. I can neither discard or ignore them. In fact I consume them, wallow in the perpetual agony of accepting her descriptions of me.

Knowing her as the human being and woman she is, draws out a desire to protect her. She uses this to torture me with cuckold. The way she wants her real man to fuck her. Her desire to suffer for him. Her relish of being taken forcefully and brutally. These mind fuck me in ways I would never have previously thought possible.

She has created the ability to cut me with her words and has produced a situation whereby she can effectively cuckold me. It is hard to believe this was pure chance. Surely she set out to achieve this from the start. She forged the woman I grew to respect and therefore can hurt me so readily and she generated my desire to protect which induced the sense of cuckold. In order to achieve these things she must be astonishingly intelligent, intuitive and clever. To want to achieve these things she must be cruel, evil and manipulative.

There are those that call themselves Mistresses. There are those who call themselves Lifestyle Mistresses. She, however, is unique and on a pedestal.

What has she planned? What will I become? The changes in just a few weeks are so significant.

Physically, my nipples are extremely sensitive and virtually my main centre of arousal where there was nothing before. The arousal is still centred on my genitals but their imprisonment has virtually nullified them as a means of initiating arousal.

Mentally, I will allow a man to fuck my arse to please her. In fact, I want a man to fuck my arse to please her. Whereas  the thought would have made me shudder just a few weeks ago.

Throughout my life, a beautiful woman has induced a desire to embrace and caress as opposed to fuck and penetrate. Now feminine beauty induces a craving for penetrative sex.  Why this change? My former limited desire perhaps reflected a defence against facing my inadequacy. No woman would want to be fucked by me so I eliminated it from my desires. Now I confront and embrace my inadequacies, allowing them to hurt and humiliate me. I now openly affirm my desire to fuck because the undoubted rejection will do no more than prove my worthlessness.

All this in just a few weeks. She has long term plans for me, she announces. A statement which comforts me because I can see no future accept as her slave. It is also a statement that induces fear. If in less than 3 months I have changed so much. What will I become? What will she mould me into?

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