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I have been interviewed by Jessica Dee, a cross dressing submissive in Bristol who I speak to on Twitter – and who has her own blog. You can read the Q&A here.

  1. “The penis and balls are central to the man’s ego and pride. Our culture is very phallo-centric, with sexual references in the media crafted to interest the penis or have sex relating to it in some way. Sex sells, after all. Alpha males derive pride from their cock and what they do with it.  Removing the ability to even touch their own penis for pleasure never mind fuck with it is a great source of pleasure to me”

    It’s good it gives you pleasure. Ah fuck I’m struggling to put into words what I want to say. Basically I’d want to say that I’d want to please you, afterall. But I’m scared that disproves what I’m about to question…

    The “male pride and ego” is not something, as a male, I emphasise with. Likewise labelling all men like that is gender stereotyping, which is fun for jokes and so on. But I don’t think your pleasure is a joke. 

    For me the penis isn’t a prize I want to thrust upon someone because I want them as a trophy because my ego needs it. It’s just a part of the body that enables orgasm. Can a man orgasm without an erection? I’m guessing not. So a man needs that penis but I’m not convinced it’s out of pride, but pleasure. And that’s  another use for a penis. Not conquer but give pleasure to another. Which is what I think about to pleasure myself. Is that ego and pride, wanting to please someone else?

    As for sex sells. Yes it does. For good reason. Again, not ego and pride but beauty and attraction. Attraction is fascinating and addictive. We like to see beauty and we react differently to beauty. Like I probably wouldn’t read this blog if I wasn’t attracted to you. Though come to think of it. The reason I started reading was that someone talked about your kinkyness, knowing what you want and not being ashamed of it. I appreciate individuality. That is also sexy and why models used to sell are often quite unique when you look past the obvious similarities :D Yes sex sells but in my opinion due to desire and attraction not ego and pride. May I ask, does sex sell for you personally? (potential irony intended)

    Perhaps I’m wrong, in denial, and replying to this is in fact male pride and ego. However it doesn’t stop me feeling that gender stereotype, about male ego, may be more like the stereotype of how a woman “should be”, that people campaign for equality and feminists fight against, than we’d think. A person having an ego may not be due to them being male. Just them being a dick (pun intended). And we know people of all genders can be those :D

    Now I feel like one writing this. Oh well. Thanks of course to JD too for doing the interview :)

    • Quick reply – can a man orgasm without an erection? YES. Yes, they can.

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