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Whipping three beautiful girls in an English dungeon

boiler room opening MCS-5

I had a fantastic time a couple of weeks ago (well, and all the times in between, but let’s get relevant) when I opened the new BDSM playroom/dungeon in Canterbury, the Boiler Room at La Boudoir Boutique.


I donned the shinies and spiky heels and was the hostess of the day. I sat on the Queen’s throne and was shown around every part of the new play space and kinky shop. It was great fun. I also enjoyed catching up with Dom Strap On and her crew. Then came my moment in the spotlight – the photo shoot and whipping session.

There were three girls dolled up and ready to submit to whatever punishment I saw fit to bestow. I chose a heavy weight flogger, beautifully balanced and versatile for light teasing strokes up to a really vicious sting. Tracy took the pain best – it’s like she had some prior experience as a sub ;)

The other two girls duly took their bondage and spankings and shook their booty when told.

It was a great day and you should all check out the Boiler Room at La Boudoir Boutique if you get the chance. You can hire the playroom and there will be plenty of workshops going on to learn about such kinky arts as bondage (including Shibari ropeplay), FemDom, Dominance & submission, sadism and masochism, BDSM implements, spanking and much more.

Check out some photos from the day.


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