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You think that’s submission you’re offering?

The Bitch

mistress cara sutra

Today I am feeling the full extent of my sinful cock tease nature. Perverted prick-tease, stalking the world. Well, a combination of tease and sadistic Bitch.

To be able to sinuously deliver thoughts and mental images to a poor guy who probably hasn’t shot his load deep into his average wife for weeks or perhaps months.. that’s hot. Teasing with delicious words. Telling them what a real woman would do, could do. To make them gasp and dream and dare not beg for more, because that would obviously make me immediately stop. I don’t respond to demands. I don’t give you what you really want. I don’t give you me. Just the thought of getting even an inch closer than you are right now is more than you deserve.

I need a slave face conveniently available at any hour of the day or night to rub my need all over.

But what you’d really get is my vibrator to lick clean after I’d used it.

You want to slip your tongue deep into my sweet, wet recess and tongue-fuck me and lick my clit til I orgasm loudly, several times, over hours.

But what you’d really get is tied up, in a chastity device, with a blindfold on so you can’t see a thing – then made to listen as I finger fuck myself to orgasm. It’s only when I push my saturated fingers into your mouth afterwards that you realise I’d worn latex gloves the whole time… so you don’t even get that measure of flesh contact. Just lick my cum juices from the skin tight latex.

You want me to don a strap on and fuck your arse, violently, painfully; raping you and reaming you with a large dildo.

What I’d love to happen though, is for me to be sat comfortably by the side, sipping at a cool beverage, while you’re raped by an aggressive male Dom for the first time. Definitely not the last time.

If you’re exceptionally lucky I won’t make you suck him clean afterwards.

You think you like the idea of humiliation? Well let’s see how you feel when I drag you out in what looks like your nice normal casual ‘pants’ and checked shirt, and at specific moments during the day (at a cash register in the shops or propping up the bar) I snip off a button here and there to reveal the neon pink, lacy underwear I made you put on underneath. Yes, I am talking to YOU. You thought you were so safe cos it wasn’t on show. It would be revealed to all around us by mid-morning.

That reminds me. You say you want to be slapped across the face. But could you really handle it? A full force slap? More than likely you’ve only ever had a light tickle, if anything at all. Not an open handed, fully aggressive Domme face slap – especially in the middle of the street for all around to watch and wonder until you’re beetroot red and wishing the earth would open up and swallow you whole.

Oh, you want to do anything I ask? Like the housework or domestic chores? Ok how about I leave you to it for 12 hours while I am out with my latest bull and the only contact you get with me is when we both arrive back at my home, ready for him to give me my latest fuck-til-I’m-unconscious pounding, cum pouring from both holes while my throat is ripped raw from deepthroating his massive cock. Dragging you in to kneel on the floor, cock locked and wrists locked behind you so you only get to enjoy with your eyes and ears and mind… if I don’t choose to use the sensory deprivation hood to lock you out of that too. And all the while he pounds me into oblivion all you’ve been all day is a dutiful housemaid who I can turf out into the street at any time.

You say you want to please me, that you want to do whatever I want – well how about a piercing (you KNOW where), a discreet possessive tattoo of my ownership of you – or an ass branding like the cattle you are.

More than anything though I want to make you think you have some chance of fucking me, whether it’s with your worthless cock or your fat useless fingers or with your too short, inexperienced and quite frankly rubbish tongue – only to tease you higher and higher, not allowing you to orgasm of course – and never let you touch a single part of me. But please me? Oh yes you will do that. You’ll do it very well indeed. You won’t have any choice.

– Mistress Cara Sutra

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