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Another year, another orgasm

The chaste slave’s yearly orgasm

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I only allow my slave to have an orgasm once a year. No wanking, no enjoyment; and he must be thoroughly humiliated, ruin it, and lick up afterwards.

I’ve made him detail this year’s experience for you below, it make for quite unpleasant reading to be honest. If I could find anything small enough he’d be behind lock and key never to bother me with requests to touch himself even once a year.

The thought of him ‘dribbling’ anything out is rather disgusting so I’m glad I didn’t watch – but this got this year’s ruined orgasm over with and now he can get on with another full year without orgasms. Just regular anal training, prostate massage and edging without any relief. Just the way it should be.

– Mistress Cara

The Annual Ruination

Another year has passed since Mistress Cara proved her total domination and control of me, her lowly chattel, by placing me in permanent chastity.

For four years now I have only been allowed one ruined orgasm each year, with instructions that it be as unpleasant and unenjoyable as possible.

This year was to be no exception. Having begged her to be allowed to celebrate the anniversary she kindly gave her permission, with the proviso that I also review an inflatable butt plug that she had been sent by one of the many suppliers that clamour for her opinions on their products.

I allocated a couple of hours of ‘quiet’ time one evening and retired to my room.

I carefully tested the butt plug before moving on to my ruined orgasm as in previous years I used one of my larger butt plugs to fill my hole. I could feel it stretching my, filling me, reminding me who owns me.

As soon as the plug was I. A small dribble of slime came out of my clit. I waited a few minutes, wanting as much to drain out as possible, all the while feeling frustrated and humiliated. To add to my shame my tiny clit began to grow, seeming to enjoy the plug filling my hole. One of Mistress Cara’s demands is that I don’t ‘wank’ my tiny clit. I grabbed a bullet vibe and held it to the dribbling tip.

In no time a stream of rancid yellow slime oozed out, before I had even got fully hard.

I felt such relief that I had been able to relieve myself, that I had drained my baby balls as much as I could. The worst was yet to cum the coup de grace, the final act of humiliation and submission to my Mistress.

She also insists that I lick up each and every drop of my filth.

So it was over for another year, leaving me humiliated, relieved, submissive, frustrated and looking forward to next year already!


– minnie

  1. This slave is so lucky! I wish i could be locked permenantly, the proper lifestyle for a tiny cocked sissy!

  2. Incredible read , 4 years , exciting , and scary , absolute strict training , the only way with chastity no mercy . Total control of key holder, And that above is that , well done ,

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