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A chaste sensation

slave a gets locked up and discovers the terms of his release


The slave (slave a) received the chastity cage in the post and has now had it locked on since the same night he received it, which was 23 January this year. I thought I’d better specify it was this year, for those of you who know my passion for extra long term chastity.

2 weeks so far and nowhere near finished with him yet.

It was very amusing receiving the pictures of him locking on the chastity cage, then teasing him almost immediately with sexy thoughts of things he’d love to do but wasn’t allowed. The days leading up to the lock-up, in fact for over a week before, I’d made him wank as many times as he could a day, a minimum of three times a day. He thought it was so he’d be completely empty when he locked up. Silly boy! I was conditioning his body to get used to frequent orgasms and relief – so that when he was locked up it would be even more tortuous for him and even more arousing and enjoyable for me.

man in metal chastity cage

Since being locked up in the shiny metal cage with glistening grey metal padlock (complete with my post protective tape left on so I could tell it’s mine), slave a has been anxious to keep me happy. He has always tried to keep me as amused as possible, over the last however many years we’ve known each other online, but this was a new level of anxiety. A need to please. I enjoy this level much more.

I’ve told him the only way he’s going to get out of the device is to have his virgin ass (other than masturbating himself with fingers or toys) fucked thoroughly by a real cock. It’s what he’s been secretly craving for years, but the cock-slut is too ashamed to even come out as bi to his friends and family. He needs a firm Mistress to tell him what’s right and what he needs and what he’s going to do. A Mistress like me. In fact, no other Mistress. Just Me.

I’ve had him advertising himself as a ‘butt-to-fuck’ on Craigslist and other adult directory sites, where I’ve been reading with glee his ever increasingly panicked attempts to find a Dom cock to rape his ass. He calls himself a faggot ripe for fucking and whatever your feelings on that word, he’s not wrong. He’s a lump of meat ready to be used and abused as nothing but a fuck-hole.


I am a 28 year old male, who refuses to admit to himself that he is a cock craving little bitch. Fortunately for me though I have a Mistress who currently holds the keys to my caged cock who has told me that unless she sees evidence of my mouth and arse being raped then I won’t be getting released. 

I don’t need to see you, nor do I want you to care about my wellbeing. I want this to be all about your cock invading my body and destroying me. There would need to be videos or photos taken of my face filled with your cock and of it sliding in and out of my arse but these need not include any part of you other than your penis if you wish. 

Ideally I would like to come to your and instantly be blindfolded and tied up and then used for as long as you like. From what I can gather from my Mistress this may not be a one off either, so you are free to use me again and again if you wish. I have a very tight arse that has only seen fingers and toys before, but don’t let that stop you fucking me as hard as you wish. In fact she would rather enjoy seeing me crying like the bitch I am as you fuck you. 

This must be safe, and for the first time I would like the cum to end up on my face and in my throat just to please her. Once she, and you, have the evidence of my submission then who knows…maybe I could service more than one cock at a time in future meetings.

These are a couple of the replies he’s sent to advertising Doms on adult services pages:

Reply #1

I have read your advert with interest and would be keen to play out this fantasy, especially if the scenario is as real as possible and there is no backing out for me. 
I am a 28 year old white male from the Croydon area, but more than willing to travel to wherever you are. I am currently being held in chastity by a very evil yet beautiful and sadistic Mistress who, if needed, I’m sure will verify this (rather than a lot of the lies and fakes on Craigslist). 
What she would like though, if you are willing to rape me and use me entirely as your bitch, is photos/videos of what I am made to do. This would not need to include your face at all, but mine filled with your cock and my arse being stretched. She has further plans for me which will degrade me even more, so if you wish to use me again/regularly this may not be a problem. 
I am happy to be tied, blindfolded, completely raped and discarded as you wish, and ask only that you treat me like a complete cock whore for your pleasure only. 
Reply #2

Dear Sir,

I have read your advert with interest and would love to be considered as your faggot slave.

I am a 28 year old male, currently in chastity and needing to carry out a few tasks in order to secure my release…one of which is offering myself entirely to a dominant Master for anything he wishes.

I can have my Mistress and keyholder confirm this if necessary, but right now, after just a short time without release, I would be willing to offer myself to be used entirely by you and treated like a worthless piece of meat for as long as you wish.

My Mistress would like to see photos/videos of me being turned from a normal straight male in to a complete cock sucking, gaping arsed bitch. From what she has told me so far, I doubt this would be a one off thing though so with her approval I would be willing to be dual owned by you until you, or her, wishes otherwise.

Please allow me this chance to please both you and my Mistress.

In addition, I made him buy some sex toys from Lovehoney as I was sick of him sneaking arond ‘borrowing’ his flatmate’s sex toys without her knowledge – how low down can you get, really? SO it was off to the sex toys website to find some suitable toys. Cheap toys for a cheap slut, so a jelly vibrator for his ass and a large flexible butt plug to sit on and stretch that ass ready for a royal reaming from a real cock.

anal sex toys and vibrator from lovehoney

The toys arrived and I enjoyed making him send me pictures when I finally allowed him to play with them, DAYS after they arrived. He’d been looking at them eagerly every day, wondering when he could insert them. Begging to be able to shove some piece of vibrating jelly fake cock up his ass. Reduced to asking his Mistress as desperately as he dared when he might be able to please fuck himself.

So yeah, I got pictures – but also I got videos. They’re live on Fetlife now, if you care to take a peek.

Most of you know I review adult products on my more mainstream sex site – and I think we can safely say the chastity cage has been a success so far – hey, he sleeps, washes, eats, works, even does athletics in it – what more does he need?

Does it need to come off yet? NO. Will it be coming off in the near future? NO WAY.

slut’s gonna get gang banged and cum all over and a reamed ass before I will even consider throwing the keys his way. And I am going to enjoy teasing it in person too, at an event in a few weeks.

Poor little locked boy…



– Mistress Cara Sutra

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