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New year, new home, new submissives to tease & torment

What I’ve been up to lately


I have had a busy couple of weeks getting back into the Mistress-saddle, so to speak. After a break over Christmas it has been refreshing to reconnect with many submissive boys who have been patiently (although some of you not so patiently!) waiting to be contacted once I had settled into the New Year and my new home.

I received a chastity cage from one of the companies I do a bit of work for, in the adult industry. It needs a review, so of course this links in perfectly to my love of male chastity and the fact I have many willing victims ready to be locked into a device. No sooner had I put out the call for a volunteer than I had someone pipe up from London, UK – someone I have been speaking to for quite a while and who is head over heels with me as his Mistress. Obviously.

The chastity cage is on its way to him, with an open padlock and without the keys. He will lock on the chastity cage and only be let out when and if I decide to send the keys to him. So much fun.

In other news I received a cute skulls corset from rubber gimp slave who I have been speaking to for over a year now, maybe we will meet up sometime in the near future and I will let him buy me a coffee. He was meant to meet me at the ETO Show last June but he fucked up and it took him begging for months for me to even speak to him again. I also received some uber shiny heels with spiky ankle cuffs from a sub – I don’t know his name – has contacted me on twitter since to say he’s pleased I like them. Well they fit me and they fit into my sexy heels collection nicely, so yes I do like them They could do with a run over by a submissive tongue though, and many kisses over the toes and the heel sucked enthusiastically.

gifts-2 gifts-1

I also sent the rubber gimp a latex erotica story book which I have instructed him to read and give a little review on, for my more mainstream adult site. Should be interesting.

I’ve had a ton of requests for meet ups for coffee, which is the usual way I meet prospective subs before allowing them either to my home, meeting them at theirs, or engaging in a session of any kind. I like to suss them out in a more vanilla environment first. If they aren’t willing to grab me a coffee and spend time talking, they’re not right for me.

A beautiful  story from my faraway slave, denied, landed in my inbox this week. I may post it here in time, for now I am relishing each paragraph. Very hot, very kinky… very ME. I do love receiving his stories, they’re just full to the brim of scenes I love. Male chastity, torment, Mistress worship, humiliation, bondage… ~shivers~

Live-in slave minnie has been pretty good recently, gave up secular work again to be a 24/7 house slave for me. To do with as I see fit as well as completing domestic chores and helping with shopping duties. He’s been rewarded with various prostate milking devices and sessions, all of which he has had to provide a full review for which goes on the internet on my other mainstream adult site. So everyone knows what he’s into and up to. ha!

I’ve tried on a lot of pretty lingerie recently too, so there’s some teaser pics for you below. I will be posting soon about my upcoming new bondage sex toys launch party, in Canterbury UK 21 February 2014 – there’s an open invitation to all to attend. More on that story coming up!


If you want to serve me you had better be ready to show you’re worth my time. I had an email this week from a sub meaning well, stating that he knows this is how I ‘earn a living’. Well actually – no. I don’t earn a living as a Mistress, although I could, very easily; I earn a living writing on my mainstream adult website and working as a consultant to the sex toy industry. I am a Lifestyle Domina and Dominate people I choose in my own time and in my own way. You can’t buy my time, Domination or any Domme ‘services’ – if you’re lucky you can make me smile and also make me feel inclined to give you the attention and Dominance you’ve been craving. Good luck.

– Mistress Cara


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