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Want Mistress to sit on your face?


I get asked about facesitting a lot.

“Will you sit on my face, Mistress?” they say.

Of course, what the majority mean is, “can I lick your sexual areas to fulfil some sexual need in me.”

Well actually, no. You can’t lick Me there, I don’t care if you think it’s being submissive or not. I don’t care what you see in your little kink porn video clips that you pay for and download from the internet, which are made for boys like you, only aware of this scene because you want a whore with a whip.

You will never have access to My pussy. Never. Do you understand that?

Oh you might see it.  Maybe if you serve Me really well, for a long time, you may achieve that level of slavery where I allow you to be tormented and cuckolded while I enjoy all the hard fucking I can bear (and some I barely can) from My lovers, male and female. That’s the closest you’ll ever get to it.

Will I sit on your face? While in latex, PVC, leather… perhaps.

While naked but for long boots? Dream on, slut boy. That is not for the likes of you.

Two choices.

1) Pay for a prostitute

2) Accept that the closest you will get is being smothered by My well covered arse as you struggle beneath Me, if I am in a very good mood with you.


Glad we’ve cleared that up. Carry on.




Mistress Cara


  1. Wayne, can’t agree with you there! Clothed and naked facesitting are both as pleasurable as each other for me. Clothed facesitting is much more humiliating, it would be an honour to have my face tightly pressed by Mistress Cara’s clothed posterior

  2. actually, this is the first article i read to you. i really like it. why? because it sends a direct message to us, boys. i think this sentence “You will never have access to My pussy. Never. Do you understand that?” is one of the strongest i ever read. it destroys all silly hopes and hidden wishes we have in our little minds.
    of course when you mentioned the pleasure you will have from your lovers, that’s why the end.

    thank you for clearing that up.

    • Totally understand where your coming from I had an incident with 3 girls not in a good mood who’s house I was staying at and I ended up getting my face sat on, not through choice I might add but there words basically amounted to “the only way you would get in dawns knickers is by smelling them so it’s your lucky night” a long story but I offended one and this was there way of revenge. I would never think of asking a woman/mistress to sit on my face I was pretty desperate for these to get off me. Due to this event I can understand when you say you would oh sit on someone’s face if you were well covered as like in my case it’s not meant to give the man any pleasure.

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