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Vacancy: Stable boy for Riding Mistress

Today I am mostly bemoaning the fact (along with My partner Domme, Mistress Harlot) the severe lack of serious stable boys and riding slaves. With a couple of horses to care for, groom and be looked after there is a vacancy here that needs filling.

We live together in Lincolnshire, UK yet there seems to be absolutely noone suitable for this role. Lots of cries of, “oh yes, I will!” “pick Me, Mistress!”, and the like, followed by the admission that they live over 5 hours away by car or they’re in Venezuela, or Turkey, or Alaska, or somewhere else equally unhelpful.

If you are so far away that this is a mere fantasy to you, the best you can hope for is to purchase some riding boots which will help the cause. Otherwise, don’t bother wasting My time with your pathetic pleas for attention.

This is a serious and real vacancy, not one of your late night wank fantasies. Got it?

If however you are suitable, experienced or not, fairly local (can drive without spending so much on petrol it would be more worth it to purchase boots) and wish to serve, either leave a comment or Contact Me.



Mistress Cara



  1. Hi o

  2. Live in newark. Have car, young/fit. Used to licking my mistress’s dirty riding boots. Love the job.

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