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The Blue Balls of Chastity

 If you amuse and please Me, I like having you suffer for Me. To keep you in horrendous torment. It’s My way of showing affection.

I’m giving you attention, letting you know I even remember you exist. Such a compliment.

Those blue balls of yours are a testament to the fact you won’t soon be forgetting Me either – all day, throbbing and aching, to the point of undeniable pain that you cannot ignore. Reminding you of your place. Just a toy for Me to do with as I will and only I can end this suffering or I can make it continue if I want to.

Because you don’t own that part of yourself anymore, you don’t own any part of yourself anymore. I own all of you, and this scrag end of meat, this ugly area that you are so proud of as a male, this symbol of your pathetic need to trail around, begging women from your place on the floor, writhing in sexual need, begging to rut like some animal – is such as easy way to ensnare you. It’s simpler than a leash around your neck, than a cage to keep you locked away from the normal public.

Even without a device – and yes, I know many of you out there can’t afford one, or they are too big for your tiny matchstick pricks – you too can give up orgasm and that messy release. No, I don’t want you to give up desire, quite the opposite.

You will suffer, to extraordinary levels with each continuing day in chastity for Me, unable to put pleasure out of your mind yet knowing it is My pleasure that comes first.

That Mistress can orgasm whenever she wishes, using whatever I like. I can pleasure Myself, or I can use one of My lovers, male or female, I can cuckold a lucky slave with My sexual fun, or I can entertain Myself privately and let your imagination torment you even more…

Until such time that you will literally do anything for Me, anything to please Me enough that I just *might* grant you those few seconds it will take you to spill that mess of yours.

Yes of course you are allowed to touch yourself. I demand it, in fact.

But orgasm? ~laughs~ No.

Oh no. Not for a good long while yet.

I will enjoy your pain.

It’s your reason for existence. Your pain for My pleasure.


Mistress Cara


  1. gosh I’m in pain just from having Miss ordered me to wash the bathroom floor, before her girlfriend turns up for tea been cleaning all morning my balls feel so huge and agonising. She came in patted me smiling as she had a pee. She asked if I was uncomfortable, she ‘d seen me gingerly walking with a bucket and mop. I nodded, she finished wiping herself, damn and kissed me on the forehead and said “good boy”. I love her with every part of me!

  2. Wow, my kind of women. I have worked over my own balls for two days straight and did not get them to that size. Maybe it takes a great hand like yours. when i did cum, i licked up every last drop, yum.

  3. oh my god! I read this twice with opened mouth! I am speechless! every word of yours Mistress Cara is a needle that goes deep inside my skin. personally i don’t dare to think about any kind of pleasure anymore, it’s all about to deny my orgasm and get blue balls.
    I don’t think any other sub could resist you as well. in my personal life, i have this problem: i believe i don’t deserve to have a full orgasm, and even without being owned. i still believe this fact. so i keep denying myself as much as i can, and when i fail, i ruin it on purpose. and no matter how painful that could be, i still doing it. in fact, tomorrow i will complete 40 days :)

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