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Letters from submissives: A new sub in training

From a new submissive in training…

My day in slavery
My Task:
I am to write an essay on how I expect my day of service to be when I visit my Mistress.

I am a slave, I am Mistress Cara’s slave! I would intend to start my day of service at 09:00, I would arrive early to avoid the traffic. So I’ve parked up at 5 minutes early and walked to the front door, I’ll knock on the hour and wait with my head down waiting for my Mistress to let me in. I would start by getting on my knees at Mistresses feet and asking to be collared, I know my place now, I must serve, I am not worthy to stand taller than her. This I’m sure this will be a difficult task as I’m 6″2′ tall, I may have to invest in some knee pads or perhaps I could buy my Mistress some really big platform heels, either way I will be very happy to spend time at Mistresses feet.

Now I assume that I’ll be told to do jobs around the house, cleaning, hoovering etc.. I need to prove my worth. In the past I was in the Army and have very high standards in this respect, if I do a good enough job maybe I’ll be aloud a break. If I’m not good enough I might get a beating, I don’t see this as being a problem so I’m sure I might miss a little dust hear or there ;) I know my Mistress is strict and I know she won’t take any crap from me, I have a feeling that I’ll be in trouble even if I’m very well behaved indeed.

As I’ve never been a slave before I don’t know what other duties I might have, I will be researching this further of course. I know however that I will be called upon to give a foot massage and pedicure, I’ve done this many times but never to such a hard task master. This part of the day will be very enjoyable for me as I have a huge foot and shoe fetish, I love the idea of any pair of sexy feet in heels but the idea of my Mistresses beautiful feet in a pair of stockings wearing a pair of Mary Janes is more than my mind can cope with. I wonder what I have to do to achieve this? I hope that by now Mistress Cara knows of my total devotion to her, the extreme power the yealds over me, the desire I have to please her.

In the email I received from my Mistress she states “I want to hear the details from when you arrive on the doorstep to when I turf you out of My home the next morning and everything in between.”. To me this means I’ll be staying over, but alas I’ll be on the floor! Like I say I know my place, my place in not in a bed or on a sofa, my place is on the floor. I’m not worthy to enjoy such pleasures.

If I prove myself to be trust worthy through the day I may be permitted to sleep at the end of her bed, I hope this is the case. I’m not convinced I’ll be able to sleep as I’ll be to frightened of making a noise and being kicked out. In the morning I’ll wake early and slip out to the kitchen, I will make fresh coffee and breakfast for my beautiful Mistress. I’ll pop out and grab a copy of the Times newspaper for her to read while she eats, I will of course be at her side attending to her every need.

I hope to leave with a very happy Mistress indeed ;)

My reply:

That was very short, not really an essay, just a few paragraphs, which was the first disappointment.

You have made some mistakes which shows your lack of experience in serving a Mistress.

When you wait at the door you should already be kneeling. I don’t give a crap how tall you are, nor does it matter so I don’t know why you thought to mention it. Height is irrelevant. Knee pads? Get a fucking grip. What are you, made of sugar? You go on to say about how you were in the army yet you want knee pads to kneel in front of Mistress? Don’t make Me laugh!

I will wear heels as and when I choose to. I could be 4ft to your 7ft and in bare feet and still Dominate the fuck out of you and don’t you forget it.

Asking to be collared? Whatever gives you the idea you have the right to ask anything, especially that?! Completely inappropriate.

“If I’m not good enough I might get a beating, I don’t see this as being a problem so I’m sure I might miss a little dust hear or there” – Firstly, it’s “here”.
Secondly, ‘beatings’ and the like are ‘funishments’, not punishments. Get this through your head:

If you don’t do a good job with whatever task I have set you to do, you will be punished.

If you don’t give your ALL in everything you do for Me or My household, you will be punished. Not funished; punished.
This may mean anything from being ignored for a length of time of My choosing to instant dismissal, depending on the misdemeanor. Mistakes are human. Making mistakes in order to receive fun beatings is unforgivable and will not be tolerated.

You’re in “trouble” so much because I am training you. Therefore it is not trouble, I am merely correcting you. Don’t be naive; any other Mistress wouldn’t even look twice at you the way you behave, so you should feel incredibly grateful.

I know you would enjoy the foot worship part of the day but you write like you wouldn’t really enjoy serving Me in the other ways. You should have joy that you are able to be of use to Mistress in whatever capacity I decide, not just things you personally get off on. Otherwise you’ll be seeing a lot more hard graft and a lot less foot rubbing. Got it?

I wouldn’t want you on My bed at this stage, not even at My feet. I *might* allow you to sleep on the floor in My room, if I have been pleased with you through the day.

Lose any notion of equality here, you are in service to a Mistress, that means you are here to serve, nothing else. You’re not My friend, you’re not a pal or a loved pet. You’re in fact nothing but a useful object that can do chores, perform and buy Me gifts when I tell you to.

Learn from this and improve. You have a lot of work to do.


Mistress Cara

  1. He I’d do anything to be your slave mistress, serve you and please you in every way

  2. i have to admit reading this , his letter and yours, is VERY helpful. thank you

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