The Most Beautiful Nightmare You'll Never Have…
Lifestyle Domme & Mistress

Doormat Required

It could be you.

I wonder what would be going through your mind as you lay there, centre of the floor, ready for other Mistresses and I to wipe either our shoes or bare feet and toes all over you.

Tease that caged cock and those tight, full balls.

Laugh at your humiliation.

Pull on the gloves with My girlfriends and lube you up, ready for the vibrating, inflatable toy insertion up your virgin ass.

Who wants…?

  1. An absolute fantasy………i hope one day can be made reality mistress….

  2. that would be a dream come true, Mistress. I would be honoured to serve you, and make you happy.

  3. wow, such a great position

  4. me please Mistress xx

  5. awwww, that would be so wonderful….

  6. Hi my name is liz , im a maid and would like to be there when you arrive by yourself or with friends.
    You be happy to hear im still a virgin so lubricated toys in me will give you lits of pleasure.
    Im based in south east. Surrey.
    Regards elizabeth *curtsey.

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