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Doghouse slave

Main slave is in the doghouse, I am still livid about his behaviour recently. I am not going into details here however he was completely abhorrent, disrespectful, distrustful and downright rude.

I am not feeling very forgiving towards him, especially without a proper apology, which would be in person, not the usual cowardly way of vomiting some words on to an email or text and thinking that is sufficient.

I don’t know if I will ever forgive him, I can’t even bear to be around him or see his face right now. I am completely disgusted, disappointed and thoroughly ashamed to have anything to do with him.

Meanwhile other submissives are coming along at different stages, most need a lot of training to reach My very high standards. If you want to serve a Superior Woman then don’t complain when she has superior standards I say! Lots of potential for real time sessions if they continue to impress and gain My trust in their ability and sincerity.


Mistress Cara

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