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Do you wish to serve your Mistress?

Wish to serve? A lot say they do. But do you really mean it?

By serving Me do you mean “I wish to submit and pledge my life and will to yours, obeying your commands and utilising my imagination, strengths, assets and more just to make you happy, Mistress” … (type A)

or do you mean “I wish to have a hard-on while kneeling at your shiny thigh booted legs and feet, while you’re in sensationalist fetish wear, then you indulge me in the ways I want, including sitting on my face, strap on fucking my arse and anything else I have on this handy little list of demands right here” (type B)

Ironically, type A will often have components of what type B want, simply due to Mistress being happy with them and their behaviour, their sincere submission.

Type B will be dismissed instantly, the moment they are revealed as the selfish, demanding, topping from the bottom time wasters they are. They do not wish to actually serve and submit to a Mistress. They want a whore with a whip.

Yes of course I love to dress in shiny clothes, high heeled boots and wield a whip. I love to do that either for outings with friends, to enjoy my extensive wardrobe or with trusted submissives and slaves. However, I do not ever ‘dress up’ and conform to the Mistress or rather Dominatrix you have in your late night wank fantasies just because you want it. In fact I am the sort of Woman who will go out of her way to make sure you not only don’t get your demands met by Me, but you won’t ever get them met at all, if that is your attitude.

Not that any other Mistress will want that attitude either. Oh sure, you can probably pay for pretty much anything you want. But that’s the point isn’t it. You’re paying for what you want. Not for what She wants. Not to make her happy. It’s all about you. Decide inside yourself what you really, long-term, want out of your male submission, out of FemDom.

Do you wish to please and serve a Woman, or just yourself and your erection?

The two can be linked, however it comes from sacrifice on your behalf. Of course, during intelligent articulate conversations with your Domme you may be requested to state your personal fetishes and fantasies, and in that case you will respectfully and carefully speak your mind, as you have been asked. I would advise mentioning often that these are just the filthy thoughts of a low and grubby minded male and apologise profusely for any offense you may unintentionally cause whilst showing her what resides in that nasty place.

It is to be noted that I ask My submissives and slaves about their personal fetishes and fantasies not because My main priority is to indulge them, but rather to use them to My own advantage. By knowing what turns you on, I can promise you rewards for good servitude as well as restrict pleasures when you have misbehaved or even just because I love to make you suffer.

There are so many type B out there that it has become necessary to doubt a so-called submissive’s intent upon first contact. Type A are very rare however they unfortunately get doubted in the first instance due to the years of fake, time wasting type B that Mistresses have to encounter on a daily, hourly or more frequent basis.

Stop under estimating Us and our intelligence. We know your scripts.

Make the decision. Are you ready to serve, or not? Understand what this means. Submit.

Mistress Cara

  1. Yes I wish to serve you whole heated ly.

  2. You Mistress Cara Sutra are so true we are there for your enjoy and laugh especially a little cucksucker cumswallowing slave like me must obey and be extatic of being the object of your humiliation small pindick for exemple

  3. I agree fantasy and saying yes is easy ,regarding duties , reality is so much harder , it takes time, effort and training , The best reward is you have done your best , and your best is up to your standards. and done with a smile , and just hope you get one back at the end of your duties , this bit of my comment for fun in a respectful way slave gets a tip stroke or two ,even slaves have wishes and a sense of humour were not robots . but fun to train , obedient happy slave , makes for happy Mistress, the main priority always perfection

  4. Adored and wonderful Mistress,

    thanks so much for Your wonderful words. And yes, of course You are absolutely right! It is a long way to answer that question honestly.

    After long years and after knowing you now… i’m able:

    Mistress, Yes Mistress, i wish to serve You

    Kneeling at Your feet,
    with eyes down to earth,
    Your little dirty and worthless slave and slut

  5. thank you Mistress for this honest article. i think all “subs” must be that honest with themselves and their needs.

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