The Most Beautiful Nightmare You'll Never Have…
Lifestyle Domme & Mistress

Appreciation of the male submissive

you turn Me on so much that I want to fuck SO hard…

have my aching, dripping pussy filled…

with him, whilst you tingle and leak in frustration…

For you to be blindfolded with my stockings.

Gagged with my sodden knickers.

Duct tape over them keeping them and My scent in your mouth and permeating your brain, as do the sounds all around you of Mine and his pleasure with Me, combined…

and your hands bound behind you, just behind the anal hook that’s fed through the back of your collar as you hang suspended from the ceiling.

Only the tips of your toes touching the cold floor boards.

and that not so precious clitty of yours ? Or rather, Mine…  Houdini’d up but softened (!) with a decorative red, satin bow.

~drip, drip, drip~ into a ready metal bowl… you know just how busy your tongue will be later, slut.


See,  you can be entertaining. Don’t you dare even *think* about touching yourself thinking about this, it will ruin the spirit of this post, after I have showed such appreciation!


Mistress Cara

  1. My Lady,
    Thank you for such a wonderfully discriptive story.
    How i wish that could be me.
    Yours most humbly,

  2. Love it! Quite sparking my imagination and desires ;)

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