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Mistress Cara Update – November 2011

It’s been great having my slave minnie living with us here at the Manor, serving as a full time house maid, personal slave, chauffeur and more.

Every morning I am woken at 6.45am with a cup of hot coffee, as well as a mug of tea for my man next to me. I know it shames minnie dreadfully having to serve us in this way and in whichever way I wish. Always knowing he is nothing, so insignificant compared to my real man.

It is useful as well to be able to leave my laundry scattered over my floor for him to pick up and wash in the day, as well as any handwashing and ironing. Any sex toys that I have used the night before he must go and handwash for me too, no matter how dirty they are. This amuses me greatly.

I use him as a personal chauffeur for whatever excursions I require and often send him messages in the day whilst I am in the office to collect shopping for me, whatever I wish, and for extra jobs that must be done to the highest standards before I return home, or else there will be repercussions for him.

Working all day in the office I need to return to the house as spotlessly tidy and clean as possible, as well as a fire in the lounge on those occasions it is extra cold. He serves as a scullery maid, maintaining the supplies of logs and coal, cleaning the grate daily and doing this in between kitchen cleaning and other duties.

At times on the weekend I may allow him to rub my feet or other. I think it will be time for a proper session soon, there is some punishment to dole out for something, I am sure!

minnie is chaste all year for me, only having one orgasm a year and a ruined one at that. I shall write more about ruined orgasms at another time. Although I only allow one orgasm per year he must ‘edge’ daily, bringing himself to the edge of orgasm whilst thinking of me, his beautiful and harshly Dominant Mistress, but stop before the actual orgasm – remaining frustrated and denied. This is punishment simply for being born male, and a particularly useless specimen at that, his personal ‘manliness’ being smaller than a shirt button!

More updates shall follow soon…


Mistress Cara

  1. It is such a pleasure and honour to serve You all day, every day. Thank You, Mistress, thank You for everything.

    • its really a big luck you have the chance to be her Majesty slave .maid and chauffeur its a bless believe me minne i could kill to be in your place so you keep that in mined im sorry your highness that i spake to him without your permission

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