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About Mistress Cara Sutra

Mistress Cara Sutra is a beautiful, natural Domme. Her Dominant personality shines in everything she does, whether she’s wearing her fetish attire, everyday clothes, or entirely naked.

With over 15 years experience in the fetish and BDSM scene, Mistress Cara Sutra knows exactly what she wants. Mainly, shoes. You can gift those and other presents through the post to Mistress Cara by buying them from her tribute wishlist here.

You must purchase a gift from this list before you send your messages asking to serve or be considered.

Sending a gift doesn’t entitle you to anything. Do it because you want to, and you will be rewarded. Mistress Cara Sutra is most definitely a Lifestyle Domme and as a lifestyle Mistress (not a Pro-Domme) She is able to decide who she talks to and how. There are no obligations, other than on you to be a respectful, obedient and submissive admirer.

Mistress Cara Sutra is located in Lincolnshire, about 40 minutes from Lincoln city centre. She meets with deserving submissives at her whim and if they take her fancy, things will progress further.

Have FemDom fantasies in mind you’d love to get fulfilled? Forget them. All you need to concern yourself with is pleasing the Mistress… everything else will fall into place naturally. I promise.

Latest Posts

  • A sumptuous session in London with slave penny A sumptuous session in London with slave penny
    A refreshing mojito in the bar, along with a shared surf and turf platter (by shared, I mean I let slave eat the messy chicken wings I didn’t want) and I was ready to go back to the room for some fun before it was time for dinner. A pre-session warm-up, if you will. Instructing him to strip down to thong and chastity device beneath, I...
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  • Letters from Mistress: Fantasies, limits, sadism & smoke Letters from Mistress: Fantasies, limits, sadism & smoke
    I don’t believe that BDSM ‘sadists’ are sadists in the vanilla sense of the word – or at least they shouldn’t be. If you want to inflict pain or harm on others with or without consent you shouldn’t be in the scene. If someone doesn’t get some kind of fulfilment out of the pain then why would they consent? They are always linked. What...
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